After virtually 20 years in prison, I am very excited to be able to reach out to people such as you! This is the first time I have ever written a newsletter/blog so please bear with me. This has been a long and arduous process to get to this point, largely because of the nature of prison life. Since this website went live monthe ago I have gone through many obstacles, one of which was the timely release of blogs! I am sorry about that. These obstacles are not unique to me, many incarcerated Americans face them. I will enlighten you of them, as I want you to know me and not some fake version of me. The first thing you shouldknow about me is that I have had infractions within the prison (over seventy) Most of them stemmed from despair, lack of hope, and the frustration that the American mass incarceration system is a failure and needs to be reimagined. As you can imagine, bucking the system from within has caused considerable trouble for me. Following petty rules and regulations designedto keep me oppressed, stupid and stifle my identity/personality is a real struggle for me. For instance, many of my infractions are for socially acceptable behaviors such as, tattooing, befriending female correctional officers or audauciously voicing my POV (point of view) and truth to those in power. For these infractions I have been tortured in solitary confinement ( currently the legislature is trying to enact HB 1756 to end this uncivilized and inhumane practice (the Geneva Convention outlawed it decades ago for prisoners of war, therefore American citizens are treated worse than enemy combatants) diesel treatment, which is being shipped to one prison after another which is destabilizing, a divorce, it is extremely hard, if not impossible, to keep a family together and maintain a healthy relation while incarcerated. The staff will change our cell assignments without warning to create insecurities and disrupt our lives. There is a lack of timely return of personal property after a transfer (diesel treatment) so we have no way to reach family and/or friends, no typewriter or supplies we have bought and paid for. This is all by design to control. Recently with Omicrom variant as a pretext to keep everyone locked in their cages 24/7, was recommended for 10 days, it is going on 4 weeks today. All of these suppression tactics have a detrimental effect on the mental health of the incarcerated citizen.

As you can read, I am going to write what’s on my mind and hope that you like it, LOL, at heart I am a peaceful civil activist and someday soon hope to be out to be an effective advocate for those imprisoned Americans I left behind. The main purpose of these endeavors is to humanize myself (as essentially no one in the free world even knows me) to share my struggles, but most importantly its to share my journey, how much I’ve changed and rehabilitated myself throughout these years. Check back with me in a few days!! Thank you for the attention and time you have given me.

T. Denton/ for Daniel Simms