Today and from this day forward I am seeking clemency from Washington state

Governor Jay Inslee and/or resentencing from the King County Prsecutor’s office.

Both are discretionary petitions, so it’s important that the community gets behind

the social justice campaign and pressure the government to grant an eary relaese.

Some of you may wonder why would you do that, I understand if you are hesitant.

Most of you don’t know me, you’re too busy with your own lives to help, or maybe

you just don’t feel your presence will make a difference, but I can assure you, I am

worth fighting for! I can say that with confidence because I am not just fighting for

myself, I stand for others like me, I stand for a more humane and just system. No

matter when I get released, whether it’s next week or sixteen years from now

(currently my release date is 2039) I plan on volunteering to organizations dedicated

to prison reform. While many people are focusing on the edges, I am interested in

changing prisons into treatment centers and career centers. Believe it or not, this is

a radical proposition to the pro-prison industry that profits off the misery and

oppression of the American people. We must do better, as a progressive, humane

country, we must do better.