Daniel Simms

Daniel Jerimiah Simms (“Daniel”) had been developing his own political thoughts and beliefs through his experiences of years of State custody and control starting in 1990 at age nine

Daniel’s Story

The Case

After being abandoned by Daniel’s two handicapped deaf parents in 1990 into the State foster care system Daniel was shipped from foster home to group home. Daniel was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually by the group home staff which caused Daniel to start running away. Daniel started living on the streets of Seattle and surviving by stealing. By age seventeen Daniel had been to virtually every juvenile institution in the State.

Furthermore, Daniel started self-medicating with street drugs to forget the childhood pain and suffering he experienced. At age nineteen Daniel was ensnared by the judicial system for merely defending himself against a strong-armed robbery. A known drug user was in Daniel’s back seat when he suddenly hit Daniel and demanded Daniel’s drugs and money. Daniel hurriedly grabbed a firearm/gun. Daniel was bullied by the court appointed defense attorney, prosecutor, and court to accept a “Alford plea” (that’s a guilty plea that a Defendant enters as part of a plea bargain without admitting guilt). Within three years of release Daniel was back in front of the court for the new crimes that ultimately enslaved Daniel for 32 years.

It was February 2006 and Daniel had relapsed into self-medicating with street drugs again. Daniel was at a drug/trap house where vast number of drugs were sold. After days of no sleep and chronic drug abuse Daniel had a mental health episode that led Daniel into believing paranoid thoughts about the drug dealer ripping Daniel off. Daniel began demanding his money back, but the drug deal went bad. The flop/trap house came alive and multiple people came to the defense of the drug dealer, so Daniel attempted to use a firearm/gun to escape the brewing violence nevertheless someone was able to get behind Daniel and pin his arms against his body while the remaining people violently beat Daniel with fists, feet, and even a ball peen hammer. Unrelatedly the flop/trap house owner had called the police when he seen a evicted past tenant’s car parked outside. So as Daniel was escaping the beating from drug dealer, and his friends, Daniel was immediately confronted with police officers questioning why a man was running out the house bleeding from multiple wounds. The police unquestionably accepted the drug dealer and his friend’s false version of that night’s events. Instead of admitting it was a drug deal dispute the drug dealer falsely alleged that Daniel was robbing him at gun point. Therein starting Daniel’s tragic foray back into the injustice system.


This time, however, was different because Daniel had developed healthy and supposedly protected political thought. Daniel subscribed to the political ideology of Libertarianism (the strong belief that the American People are sovereign and that less government control of commerce and people is the answer to this system of oppression). Due to the years of ineffective assistance of defense counsels in the many past criminal cases Daniel insisted upon representing himself pro se. The court conducted a colloquy (a formal discussion between the judge, the prosecutor, the defense counsel, and Daniel) to ascertain if Daniel understood the risks of proceeding pro se.


Daniel promptly began questioning the court’s unfair judicial process and jurisdiction based on Daniel’s libertarian beliefs. Daniel did not argue or address the merits whatsoever. The court knew that if Daniel continued his political tirade he would be railroaded into a thirty-two (32) year prison sentence. Instead of fairly and reasonably conducting another colloquy focused on notifying Daniel of the risks associated with arguing unrecognized political legal defenses, rather than the merits of the case, the court foreclosed Daniel to certain injustice.

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See Attached Supporting Documents: Trial Transcripts, Court records, and self-published book

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Daniel now desperately seeks to bring wide public attention and pressure on the State of Washington to grant Daniel, the Political Prisoner in the depths of the mass incarceration system, a new trial. And to further require that moving forward all Americans arguing unrecognized political legal defenses be notified of the risks of such defense through an extensive colloquy.

Daniel has been incarcerated for sixteen (16) years as of this writing, and still has sixteen (16) more years to go. It is a unjust and inequitable sentence that deserves a retrial or a grant of clemency. Yet that will never happen unless kind and altruistic people, such as those reading this, helps in some fashion.

Daniel specifically needs individuals to create and manage social media platforms, post blogs, picket and protest, donate funds, or the myriad of other organizing sufficient to overturn the wrongful conviction or get clemency.

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    State: Washington

    DOC Number: 795743

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