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This is the second iteration of the homepage content.

The first iteration did not adequately convey the positive message  that Daniel was attempting to share. For some, it was overly political, which could alienate some people. That was not Daniel’s intent. Daniel’s goal is to share his struggle POV {point of view}, and to hopefully gain wide public support for release through clemency and/or resentencing. Yet, as in many things in life it came across wrong an failed to garner support. So, we are starting over!  We are rebranding the website to clearly reflect Daniel’s struggle, POV, rehabilitation and growth. While at the same time steering clear of political issue that may harm Daniel’s social justice efforts.

It is no secret that Daniel and many of his supporters believe he was railroaded into a 32 year sentence. Whether Daniel was railroaded into the foster care to prison pipeline ( read Daniel’s book Hopeless in Seattle, A Fosterkids Manifesto) at shoddy police investigation efforts ie) the police did not get Daniel’s statement, the case was seen as a “drug deal gone bad”, nor recovery of the failed justice any funds that were alledgedly robbed. The failed juvinile and adult mass incarceration system designed to keep Daniel, and millions like him, ignorant, poor and untreated. (Daniel’s forthcoming book The Essential Manual to Reimaging DOC; Turning all Prisons into Treatment And Carrer Centers addresses thease topics)or if it was due to Daniel’s political passions and beliefs of libertereanism which resulted in Daniel proceding as his own attorney (see trial transcripts)
Regardless of what actually railroaded Daniel, it is important to focus on what matters and that is getting Daniel out of prison! Daniel has been in prison for almost 20 years and still has another 16 years left. Daniel did not murder rape or shoot anyone. He got more time than most
of those offenders got. That is unfair and inequitable.. Furthermore, Daniel is a good person that has fully reformed himself through countless self help programs, classes and books, most of which was self directed by Daniel’s will to succeed. In addition to these reform efforts, Daniel has talent as a tattoo artist, has authored three books ( has plans on starting a drop/ship e commerce business, ultimately Daniel hopes to develop a web-application that he has invented, envisioned and received an estimate to develop. Daniel also has dreams of participating in the national conversation on ending mass incarceration. through podcasts, blogs, social media, advocacy and prison reform legislation.
Currently, Daniel has a petition for clemency in from of Governor Jay Inslee and a petition  for resentencing before King County Prosecutor’s office. Both of these efforts have failed to gain traction, due in large part to public pressure has not materialized. This is where you come in, if you share this social justice campaign on your social media pages, with a few friends and family, we can potentially gather enough support and signitures to release Daniel 16 years early, Him remaining incarcerated serves no purpose.
In conclusion, please subscribe to the blog/newsletter to follow all developments as they unfold in Daniel’s case. Furthermore, you are personally  invited to send email to Daniel Lastly, please consider supporting this cause through advertising, marketing or promoting Daniel’s books or buying one for your own library. In solidarity, 
                                                 Daniel J Simms


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